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Hi everybody, my name is Cyndi. 

I'm the Artist and Owner of HerArtbyme, Abstract Acrylic and Fluid Art,

AKA - CC Visions.


I started down my artistic path when I was around 14 years old.  I was living in Montana and since I didn't ride horses or rope cattle...  my only other escape from everyday life was to begin drawing and coloring.  I remember sitting against a tree for hours and drawing the houses, trees, animals and people around me. I would lose myself in what I was creating as it allowed me to escape my current life and be free to be me.

​Dreaming of and then sketching landscapes, seascapes, and abstract cityscapes would whisk me away to magical places where life was perfect. 

As I've matured artistically my drawing and painting styles have changed many times over.  Currently my favorite style of painting is Abstract Acrylic Fluid Art.  Painting with this technique allows me to be more creative with both colors and composition. 

Even though most color combinations can be used to create beautiful paintings, my go to color palette tends to be  blues and greens.  These two colors together are very calming and peaceful to me and I feel free to relax and just have fun. 


Remember that Acrylic Fluid Art can never be replicated.  Every painting created is an original one-of-a-kind piece of art.  When my paintings turn out as expected and get great feedback it brings me so much joy and excitement.  Not to mention when I sell a painting, I'm over the moon!!!

Painting allows me to be who I am and to create what I like depending on my current feelings.

The Peace and Joy I receive while creating my art is why I have decided to become a full time artist.

I truly hope my art brings to you as much joy as it does to me.

HerArtbyme - Cyndi

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